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Special Education PowerPoint Presentation


The Coptic Education Foundation (CEF) is proud to announce the launch of a new
service aimed at guiding and supporting families of Coptic children with unique
educational needs. These needs can vary from neurodevelopmental disorders
(e.g. Autism) to Learning Disabilities, to other educational challenges, such as
ADHD or Anxiety. The California school system provides extensive resources and
support for children with special educational needs. The aim of our service is to
educate families on their rights, how to access these services, and how to
recognize common concerns. It can be a scary experience to wonder if your child
needs additional help and not know where to turn for support. Our goal is to offer
that support to families in order to improve the school experience of students
within our community.


We are constantly updating our website. Please check back frequently to find out
about upcoming events, additional information, and additional resources.

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If you are interested in volunteering or otherwise contributing to this service,
please contact us at: [email protected]



If you are interested in finding out more information or if you are seeking support
for your child, please contact us at: [email protected]



Overview of Special Education in California

More Parenting More Rewarding and Less Stressful

Provides an overview of toddler language delay. In particular, the article offers advice on how to identify language delay vs. speech delay by pointing to a number of different signs. It goes on to discuss causes and risk factors, as well as tips for encouraging language development in toddlers.

Description of Rights and Resources for Parents/Families


Autism Related Resources

Signs of Autism: autism/
Services Available in Your Area:
Tool Kit for Families: kits
Tool Kit for Advocating for your Child: kits/advocacy


Learning Disabilities

General Information: learning-disabilities/
Signs of Learning Disorders: learning-disabilities/


For more help, please email your request to
[email protected]
Or Call 909-833- 1393