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Merit Achievement Scholarship

Merit Achievement Scholarship for High School Seniors & Community College Transfers


The Coptic Educational Foundation is pleased to offer a Merit Achievement Scholarship Program (MASP) for students graduating from high school (i.e., seniors) and students transferring from Community Colleges to 4-year Colleges or Universities. Selection is based on both academic and non-academic aspects of student achievements. The evaluation criteria for high school seniors is based on grade point average (GPA), SAT/ACT scores, extra-curricular activities, personal statements, community service, and other aspects such as leadership and work experience. The evaluation criteria for students transferring from Community College to a 4-year college or university is based on grade point average (GPA), extra-curricular activities, personal statements, community service, and other aspects such as leadership and work experience.

Number of Awards:

Several applicants will be awarded a one-time $1,000 award applicable toward the educational expenses of four-year schools.  This is a competitive award program. Not all students who apply will receive awards.

Student Eligibility:
    1. Graduating High School Seniors or Community College Transfer students.
    2. For either student, you must be accepted to an accredited four-year college/university immediately following your graduation or transfer.
    3. Be an active member of one the Coptic Orthodox Churches.
    4. Demonstrate strong community involvement and awareness.

Application Requirements:
    1. Submit an online Application
    2. Answer two personal statement questions in regards to your community service involvement (see prompts below)
    3. Attach a copy of your “Letter of Admission” from the College/University you plan to attend
    4. Attach a copy of your unofficial transcripts for high school or the community college
    5. If you are a high school graduate, attached a copy of your SAT or ACT scores
    6. (All materials should be included in the online application once submitted before May 31)


Community Service Statement- Part 1

    1. Please describe a community service involvement (only one) when you positively impacted your direct community? In detail, please provide the service, the location, your role, the time frame and any helpful additional information.
    2. In addition, please explain the significance of the impact to your direct community and the outcomes resulted due to your service? (Total of 250-500 words)

Personal Statement- Part 2

    1. Please describe in detail an accomplishment, event or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. Please make sure to answer the following questions below:
      – What was the event/accomplishment
      – Where was the event/accomplishment?
      – When was the event/accomplishment?
    2. Please explain what you learned or how you’ve changed. Please be specific about the transformation and demonstrate your personal growth. (Total of 500-750 words)

Awards and Selection Process:

CEF retains the right to change or terminate this program at any time. CEF is not responsible for applications lost, misplaced, or delayed through the mail or other delivery processes. Once submitted, the application becomes the property of CEF. All information is kept confidential.
Winners of the Merit Achievement Scholarship will be notified by July 31.

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