Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Access to Choices Planner:

The Coptic Education Foundation has acquired access to the Choices Planner to motivate students

to plan their future education and career goals. This Planner is a comprehensive career information

delivery system that helps students builds personal plans as they compare, connect and choose

from a vast network of career and education options.


Getting Started

First, review your resource materials located at

Bridges free online tutorials help you get started quickly and effectively. Go to


1) Create your portfolio

Go to:

Click the Create a new portfolio link

Step 1 of 2:

Enter your Site ID: 1237476

Enter Site Password: coptic2016

Step 2 of 2: Complete the form and click on the create your portfolio link


2) After creating your portfolio, find out what Guideway best describes you.
Click Choices Planner and from the Home page,

Career Counseling


3) Click See all available guideways link.


4) You will see the three guideway options with a brief explanation of each guideway.

Career Planning Resources:

This section offers high school students with resources to assist them in planning for their job search. The CEF offers guidance in job interview tips, creating a resume and asking for a letter of recommendation. These tips will better assist you in finding your ideal job.



Creating your Resume


Letters of Recommendation


Job Interview Tips for High School Students